Mah Jong Quest II™

Mah Jong Quest II™

Mah Jong Quest II is a great tile matching game,which must be unblocked to win

Mah Jong Quest II is the second installment of the great sequel which could keep you playing for days until you exhaust the possibilities. This game has also to do with Kwazi, the main character from the original, whose job is to bring balance to the cosmos by solving Mahjong puzzles. In addition to the tile matching game, you will have selectable tiles that must be unblocked in order to win the game. Even though you have a certain amount of time to accomplish your goal, your mission is to find and match the Ying and Yang symbols. Like in the original game, when you uncover and match them, the remaining tiles on the board disappear granting you more points and you win the game. Each level includes special tiles which have special powers like ice blocks that melt when freed, the dynamite, the earthquake tiles, among many others. This version offers a lot of innovation and new rules that require you to elaborate on new strategies. The story mode in Mah Jong Quest II features eight worlds containing eight levels each, but the narrative is a little bit thin. However, this is compensated with the great variety of layouts including original Kwazi puzzles, normal sized puzzles, double sized puzzles, and triple play puzzles, and all of them can be played using one of six Mahjong variations. All these things make Mah Jong Quest II worth trying.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Plenty of layouts and variations from the classic game. Nice graphics and pleasant music


  • Multiplayer mode should be improved
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